Class Time & Fees

Training Timetable Effective February 14th 2018

All classes held at Wellard/Casuarina Hall on the corner of Barker and Mortimer Roads.


Hatha Yoga 9:15am

Tanjun Ni Kata 10:30-11:30am (As advised)

Tiger Cubs 4:45-5:30pm

Beginners-intermediate 5:30-6:30pm


Ladies Class 10-11am

Tiger Cubs   4:45-5:530

Beginners- Intermediate 5:30-6:30pm

Intermediate-Advanced 6:30-7:30/8pm



Tiger Cubs   4:45-5:530

Beginners- Intermediate 5:30-6:30pm

Intermediate-Advanced 6:30-7:30/8pm


Kata-Yoga   10:30-11am


Tiger Cubs 4:45-5:30


Beginners- Intermediate 5:30-6:30pm

Intermediate-Advanced 6:30-7:30


Class Descriptions:

Tiger Cubs: This class is for 4-6 years to assist the development of motor skills, flexibility, confidence, discipline, cooperation and social skills. Here students begin their journey through our junior syllabus with games, drills and partner work.

Beginners-Intermediates: less games than Tigers but still a lot of fun as students from the age of 6 work their way through the syllabus with a strong focus on understanding what they are learning, including the application of karate basics, kata and self-defence strategies.

Intermediates – Advance: for 5th Kyu students and above (Adults of all levels are welcome)

Ladies Class:  A place to learn Karate in a fun, supportive environment. Beginners welcome.

Kata-Yoga: a fusion of traditional kata practice and yoga in one restorative session.  Beginners welcome, all equipment will be provided.

Tanjun Ni Kata: Simply Kata. An in-depth exploration into the science of Kata with Sensei Don.  Beginners Welcome.



Registration is payable at $60 on Joining, this amount is paid to cover the costs of affiliation memberships, insurance and membership to our Kofukan association.  Please note that the registration fee will then be payable every January when students re-register for the following year (your first payment will be reduced according to which term a student joins)

Term training fees are $110 a School Term.  Students can train at up to Two Classes per week.   Additional classes can be attended for an amount of $7.00 Per Class, paid at the dojo prior to class.

Term fees are payable no later than Week Two of each term.

After paying registration, casual students can purchase a 10 Class card for $95 from the dojo, which will be valid for three months from purchase.

Students can attend any other suitable class to make up for any Classes Missed due to illness, throughout the term.

Kidsport Vouchers entitle a reduction of term training fees at the rate of $37.50 per school term.  Registration, grading and equipment costs are still payable.

A Karate Gi and Badge is not compulsory until a student grades for the first time.  These can be ordered through the dojo at $50 (gi) and $10 (badge).

All students grading for 6th Kyu (Orange belt) must have their own sparring mitts and mouthguard with them at training at all times. Please ensure that these are labelled.


In a nutshell:

Joining costs at Kwinana dojo:   Registration $60

Training fees      $110

$6.25 per class when training 2 x weekly classes.


On-going Cost Term training fee $110


Grading $50 (when applicable)
Equipment Karate Gi $50
Badge $10
Sparring Mitts $35


Pro-Rate Training Fee

Week of Trial Training Fee Payable
1 $110
2 $97.50
3 $85.00
4 $72.50
5 $60.00
6 $47.50
7 $35.00
8 Casual Rates Apply $10 a Class
9 Casual Rates Apply $10 a Class
10 Casual Rates Apply $10 a Class



Term Student Joins Club Registration Fee
1 $60
2 $50
3 $40
4 $30


When four or more immediate family members are training, a 10% discount is applied to term training fees.